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Grant Cardone: An Entrepreneur You Should Know

Grant Cardone is a real estate investor, sales trainer, and speaker, who has written books and documented processes to setting and achieving goals. In his book, The 10X Rule, he talks about his attitude towards setting goals, and then the accompanying action to make sure that he is successful in achieving them. He advocates for setting huge goals, 10X the size of where you want to actually land (remember the old saying, if you shoot for the stars, you might hit the moon), and then following them up with action that is 10X what your competitors are doing. As shown with New Years Resolutions, we underestimate the amount of action needed to achieve goals, so why not amplify the action to 10X what we thought we should be doing? How could we not be successful? Check out YouTube or your Podcast App for Grant’s channel, or get yourself a copy of The 10X Rule.

Many, if not most, companies have sales goals. As this is the case, over the next few weeks, we are going to discuss how to increase sales this year by building out a defined sales process and sales funnel to put a process around the sales process. Be on the lookout for an email next week about sales.

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