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Tips for Goal Setting in 2020

As we move through January to begin 2020, people all around us are making New Years Resolutions. Gyms get crowded for a few weeks, people skip the drive thru at their favorite fast-food restaurant a few times, but more often than not, their resolutions are forgotten about by February, or for sure by March. Regardless of their intentions people regularly under estimate the amount of action needed to change to accomplish their resolutions or goals.

What are your business’s goals for 2020?

At Arthur Outdoor, we categorize our goals into different areas of our business. A few of these areas that we have goals for 2020 are sales, finance, marketing, and operations. Each of these goals are well defined and measurable. As we plan our weeks and months, we can easily take our actions, and tie them back to these goals to see how we are measuring up and progressing.

For example, lets say we want to own 20 new billboard faces by the end of the year. That is a lot of growth, which isn’t going to happen without a plan. We know that we have 11 months to make this happen (because nothing really happens in December), which means that we need to grow by 2 faces each month to meet our goal. Then, we write out our prospects for where we can build or acquire signs. Based on our past experience, we know that probably 80% of these won’t go through, which helps us determine how many new billboard prospects we REALLY need to chase to get to our goal. This helps us plan out our actions, and makes sure that they are tying to our goals. If we don’t reach our goal, then we know exactly why…our action didn’t measure up to our goal.

So, back to your business’s goals for 2020. Did you set them? What consistent actions are you putting into place to achieve them? Are they clear and measurable? Do they clearly relate back to your customer’s success and business’s growth? What plan are you putting in place to make sure that you achieve them?

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